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If you are having trouble with your Mac or any of your Apple products, contact us and we will have you back on track in no time!

MacResolve is based in Los Angeles. We are very happy to visit your office or home anywhere in LA area. Phone consultant and remote technical support is also available. We strive to have the most compelling Rates for Mac repair on Los Angeles. We are here to help.


We provide all the services you need to Build, Launch and Market your online presence.

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MacResolve is independently owned and operated by Race Owen. Established in 2000 with the philosophy that computers are meant to enhance our lives, making them more productive and enjoyable. The goal of MacResolve is to provide excellent service, application support & troubleshooting for the Macintosh. With more than 15 years experience, we specialize in:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Launches
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Hardware Setup
  • Software Tutorial
  • Network Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mac OS X and the entire family of Apple products


Fast: 24  / 7 / 365 . . . just about says it all.

Simple: Each individual issue is unique. Our focus is to completely resolve  your problem while  maintaining an emphasis on personal  attention. Your productivity is the most important part of the computer  experience.

Creative: With 15 years of experience in the motion picture  industry, we have an intimate understanding of the  time sensitive nature of Film  and TV production.  We pride ourselves on being production friendly.



See what our clients have to say about MacResolve.

Alton Johnson
CEO, Bossa Nova SuperFruits – a Sunny-D company
“We couldn’t run our business without MacResolve!”

Jerry Digney
Partner, SOLTERS & DIGNEY Public Relations
“Race is a terrific asset to our business.  When you need him he’s there and he gives wise advice that doesn’t waste time or money.  He’s very professional and efficient…we are 100 percent behind his services.”

Jeff Gerrard
Jeff Gerrard Casting
Race came in and networked my office with speed and accuracy.  He gave some great hands on advice and training to a person who is completely computer ILLERATE . . . and yes you can quote me.

Kevin E. West
President, Founder – The Actors’ Network
“It is more than just a pleasure to work with Race Owen, it is also a smart move.  He is calm, precise, knowledgeable, efficient, punctual and fun.  Simply put…he is a professional’s expert.  Having owned my own business since 1991, I only wish my other vendors offered even 50% of the professionalism, customer service and caring that Mr. Owen brings to the table.  A true joy.”

Jeffrey R. Gund
Composer and Info List publisher
Race Owen is the greatest – not only does he come up with creative solutions to unique problems, but he takes the time to present all the options to give you the best solution for your particular needs.  He knows how to put all that tech jargon into language you can understand, and he definitely knows the Mac inside and out!

Paulo Andres
Talent Manager, Partner – RPA Entertainment
Most of my day is spent working closely with my clients. I cannot and do not want to spend valuable time during the day dealing with the operations of my computers. I just need them to work. I have called on Race on more than one occasion as my computer needs have grown and changed. Whether it is fixing the broken or updating the systems, he instills confidence that all will work smoothly. I use his years of experience and expertise to my advantage. It makes focusing on my clients much more effective.

Michael Wisnieux
Producer, Singer, Actor

“I’ve been a Mac power user since 1985, but since meeting Race a few years ago, I’ve been able to relax. I no longer spend time researching trends and technologies; Race keeps me informed of anything that’s relevant to my individual needs. Race Owen is brilliant, the only guy I trust my Macs to; he’s priceless!”

Carolyne Barry
Casting Director, Acting Coach, Director
Now that MacResolve is on my speed-dial, I know that I am one call away from piece of mind whenever I have any Mac computer problems or when I want to update programs.  Race really takes care of my business.

Richard McGonagle
Actor, Writer
“Truly, a lifesaver for absolutely any problem you could have with your Mac, knowledgeable about most any application or peripherals for Mac, and an absolute genius for designing just the right website for you.”

Billy Cowart
Teacher, Writer, WCI Studios
“MacResolve has been invaluable is propelling my company to the next level. Race doesn’t just solve problems for me he anticipates my future needs and suggests technology processes that help me continually streamline my operation.”

Steve Bluestein
Comedian, Writer
“I am self taught on Mac and so there are many areas of the OS that I was not familiar with. When I first met Race Owen I was in the middle of a system 9 meltdown. He came over and calmly walked me through it.

I have never met anyone who was able to explain Mac to me until I met Race. His knowledge of the system is remarkable. His availability is a god send.  I highly recommend anyone with a Mac get connected with MacResolve.”



We provide all the services you need to Build, Launch and Market your online presence.

Contact MacResolve now.

(310) 876-2281