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MacResolve – Rates

• Individual – Rate – weekdays
$ 125.00 hr.
• Enterprise – Rate – weekdays
165.00 hr.
• Weekend – Rate
195.00 hr.
• After Hours or Rush (< 3 hr. notice)
Rate x 2.
• Standard Hrs
10a – 6p
• Hourly minimum
1 hr.

* Standard Mileage < 10 mi. from Hollywood & Highland, $5.00 /mi. beyond.
Download our Rates and Policies PDF here.

MacResolve – Policies

  • We primarily support Mac OS  and Apple products.
  • We support Windows based Computers as well.
  • An “Individual” is defined by any of the following:
    • A singular computer/user,
    • A mixed environment (PC & Mac) of 2 or fewer stations,
    • A home base network with fewer than 3 nodes,
  • An “Enterprise” is defined by any of the following:
    • A multi user/computer network,
    • A mixed environment (PC & Mac) of 4 or more stations,
    • A profit generating entity or business,
    • A workgroup or learning institution,
  • All service performed during Standard business hours of 10am to 6pm is billed under the standard rate schedule.
  • Any Research performed on clients behalf is billed within that Clients standard rate schedule under Normal hourly rates.
  • Any Service that extends beyond Standard business hours is prorated at Rate x 2.
  • Any Service performed in a Dangerous, or Hostile environment (physical or verbal) is billed at Rate x 3.
  • Any Service performed during ‘Late Night’ hours, 9pm to 7am, is billed at Rate x 3.
  • Mileage is calculated for locations beyond a 10 mi. radius from Hollywood & Highland.
  • Payment is requested to be paid in full at the time of service, Otherwise payment is due on a net 15 days after the date of invoice.
  • A convenience fee of 5% will be applied to all payment made via credit, debit or check card.
  • Any purchase made on the clients behalf, including hardware, software or third party services will incur a 20% service fee over and above the cost of the purchase.
  • Late payments unfortunately automatically incur the following service fee:
    • 30 days past due = 10%
    • 45 days past due = 15%
    • 60 days past due = 25%
    • 90 days past due = 50%
    • 120 days past due = 100%

Download our Rates and Policies PDF here.

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